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It rained today inside of me
Winds of dismay, they blew me away
I felt the change in the weather, whether it be my blame to place
It’s over now

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All the people I love the best are starting to get frustrated with me being a mess and the people I hardly know are always impressed. All the people I love the best have grown increasingly impatient with the person I am, and some people I hardly know will never understand.

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My greatest fear has never been dying alone, it’s drifting into the black with someone I barely know.

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Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips

We should just kiss like real people do

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When you find a new song that you truly adore
and they play it on the radio and it isn’t obscure.
When you don’t feel like you don’t know how to love anymore
and like a car commercial you stare out the window at the sun.
And I can’t say I really deserved a break today
But I don’t care, I’m gonna enjoy it anyway
Let’s stay awake and sleep through Monday.

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